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                                                                       Car Rental Agreement № __________

city ________________________                                                                                                     date________________

LLC «—————-«, represented by Director          , acting as the first Party (lessor) and _____________________________________________, as the second Party (lessee), hereinafter collectively referred to as the Parties, have signed this Vehicle Rental Agreement as following:

  1. Subject of the Agreement

1.1 The Lessor is providing the Lessee with a vehicle, according to the Article 1.2. for a cost and temporary use, and the Lessee undertakes to pay the Lessor the rent established by this Agreement on time and returns the vehicle to the Lessor at the end of the lease due date in the same condition as has been given, including its contains.

1.2 Description and characteristics of the vehicle:

Color silver
Model Year 2021
Number Plate У547ММ142
VIN Z94K241CBMR289299
Engine HP 123
Type of fuel  Octane 95
Transmission Automatic
Fuel tank capacity, l 50
Technical conditions Ready to use


1.3 The parties have signed this Vehicle Rental Agreement as of the date above written on the following:

1.3.1 Rental duration: from 06:00, 30.05.2021 to 05:00, 03.06.2021 for 4 Days.

The rental duration might be extended by additional agreement by the Parties.

The termination of the agreement does not entail the lessee obligations to be liable for any damage caused to third Parties by the vehicle, until the vehicle is returned and the Vehicle Return Act is signed (Appendix No. 1).

1.3.2       The vehicle received from the city: Kemerovo          

The vehicle returned to the city: Kemerovo               

1.3.3 Daily mileage limit: 300 km.

1.4 The vehicle is handed over under the Vehicle Acceptance Act (Appendix No. 1), which is an integral part of this Agreement.

1.5 The vehicle is given to be used within the Russian federation territory only


  1. Payment

2.1. The Lessee pays the full rental payment upon signing the Agreement.

2.2. Rental payment:

Service Cost Per/Day in RUB Total Days Total
Rent 3000 4 12000
Smart Insurance 1250 4 5000
Delivery 1000 2 2000
Total:     19000.00


2.3 At the time of signing the Agreement, the estimated cost of the vehicle is 1 050 000 rubles.

2.4 In case of exceeding daily mileage limit according to the Article 1.3.3, the Lessee shall pay 5 (five) rubles per kilometer above the limit.

2.5 In case of delay the lessee has to pay 350 RUB for every single hour by maximum 4 hours, otherwise the daily rental price is to be paid 3000 rubles.

2.6 In case of early return of the vehicle, the Lessor recalculates and returns back the paid rent, based on the actual days of using the vehicle.

2.7 In case of returning the vehicle with less fuel than it’s been received, the Lessee pays 42 rubles per liter to reach the recorded level of full written upon signing the agreement.

2.8 In case of returning the vehicle to the Lessor within non-working hours from 6:00 pm to 9:00 am, the Lessee has to pay 500 rubles, except for cases when the vehicle is being delivered to the Lessor to the exact required location.



  1. Enforcement of Obligations

3.1 To ensure the fulfillment of obligations under this Agreement, the Lessee has to put down 3000 rubles as a deposit, if a Smart insurance has not been paid. In case of paying for the Smart insurance, the deposit fee is 0 rubles.

3.2 The deposit mention in Article 3.1 is to be paid at the time of signing this Agreement and is to be given back if the Lessee fulfills his obligations under the Agreement properly.

3.3 In case of non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment by the Lessee under this Agreement, the lessor has the right to decline giving back the deposit and the Lessee has the right to ask the Tenant for compensation for any unfulfilled part of the agreement.


  1. The parties’ obligations and rights

4.1 Lessor is obligated:

4.1.1 To hand over the vehicle to the Lessee indicating the present condition and the visible damage.

4.1.2 To hand over a set of keys, the vehicle license, insurance, fire extinguisher, first aid kit, warning triangle, spare tires replacing kit.

4.1.3 Is to maintain the proper condition of the rented vehicle, managing the major repairs, except for malfunctions and damage made by the Lessee violating the terms of this Agreement.

4.1.4 To bear the costs of compulsory third-Party liability insurance on the vehicle.

4.2 Lessor has the right to:

4.2.1 Refuse to handover the vehicle in case of not paying the rent or deposit within the terms established by this Agreement.

4.2.2 At any time, unilaterally terminate the agreement and retrieving the vehicle in case of violation the terms of this Agreement including giving incorrect or false information made by the Lessee when the agreement was concluded, in case of disassembling the vehicle and its components. the rent and the deposit are not refundable then.

4.2.3 Check at any time the technical safety and serviceability of the vehicle and components.

4.2.4 Monitor the location of the vehicle using satellite navigation.

4.3 Lessee obligations:

4.3.1 Comply to the traffic regulations specified for this type of vehicle (any traffic violation is non-fulfillment of agreements obligations).

4.3.2 Regularly check the vehicle for external and external damage, coolant and engine oil, tire pressure, not to ignore any dashboard warning indications. Immediately report to the Lessor for any necessary maintenance.

4.3.3 Ensure the safety of the vehicle from the moment it is received until it is returned to the Lessor

4.3.4 Not to leave the vehicle registration papers, ignition key or the remote unit easily accessible to third parties.

4.3.5 In case of leaving the vehicle without anyone on board, the vehicle must be locked using Anti-theft lock system unit.

4.3.6 Any expenses such as traffic violation, parking fines and car wash station fee are carried out by the lessee.

4.3.7 Has to response to the Lessor request of the car location once it’s been requested.

4.3.8 In case of changing address or phone number the Lessor has to be informed not later than one working day.

4.3.9 Return the vehicle on the specified time and conditions in completeness as mentioned in the Agreement.

Returning the vehicle dirty is hard to visually determine the existence of any damage which may be discovered later on by the lessor, in that case a report is made indicating all types of located damage and the Lessor shall inform the lessee not later than a day once the report is made. and the Lessee has the right to deny any claims and notify the Lessor in writing

4.3.10 In case of an accident occurred to the rental vehicle, The Lessee is to provide the Lessor with original documents of the competent state authorities within 5 days confirming the occurrence of the accident and its consequences, indicating the circumstances of the incident, namely:

About accident:

— Reports from the traffic law enforcement is provided indicating in them:

  • The date, time and place of accident;
  • The nature of external damage occurred in the involved vehicles;
  • Surnames, names, addresses of the participants of the accident, driver’s license numbers;
  • Type, brand, model, license plate and accessories of each vehicle
  • The medical report if there’s one

— a copy / original ruling of the case, (if issued) and the decision of initiating or refusing to initiate a criminal case, certified by the preliminary investigation committee, if such occurred;

As for the illegal actions of third parties and other damage to the vehicle:

— procedural decision (decision on initiation / refusal to initiate criminal proceedings);

— A report from the traffic police department established a draft with a list of vehicle damages;

4.3.11 Ensure the safety of delivery emergency vehicle delivery covering the expenses to the city Novosibirsk in where the Lessor is.

4.3.12 In case of any traffic accident, regardless of the presence or absence of damage to the vehicle, immediately notify the Lessor about the incident, call the police, get a report of the accident, and coordinate with witnesses.

4.4. The Lessee has no rights:

4.4.1 To remove or change any part of the vehicle under any circumstances

4.4.2 Perform commercial transportation of passengers or goods, transfer its rights and obligations of the contract to third parties,

4.4.3 Disassemble and repair the vehicle or install additional equipment.

4.4.4 Use the vehicle to push and tow other vehicles, trailers and other items, with or without wheels.

4.4.5 Take part in competitions and sports races, official and unofficial.

4.4.6 Use materials, accessories or any car products that are not supplied and / or not approved by the Lessor, neither testing its performance.

4.4.7 To drive the vehicle on unpaved or roads not meant for cars, which can cause damage to the bottom of the car, chassis and / or other defects.

4.5 Lessee rights:

4.5.1 to return the vehicle ahead of schedule, according to the conditions of Article 2.6 of this Agreement.

5.1 The Tenant is not liable for damage happens to the vehicle in an accident in which he is a victim. The Lessee is not responsible for minor damage to the vehicle: chips on the paintwork up to 1 cm in diameter, damage to the windshield, scratches on the paintwork of the vehicle body.

5.2 Causing harm to third parties by the vehicle, the Lessee takes full responsibility in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation until the return of the vehicle to the Lessor under the act of transfer and acceptance.

5.3 The Lessee fully reimburses the Lessor the losses and damages, including losses in the form of losing profits caused by delaying the return of the vehicle or by the unavailability of the vehicle being repaired priced as the cost of rental day. Article 4.4 of this Agreement;

  • .

violation committed by the Lessee such the ignorance of operating the vehicle, or fire safety procedures, transportation and storage of toxic, flammable and explosive substances;

  • Operating the vehicle in the state or while drinking alcohol, narcotic, as well as after the use of drugs that are contraindicated in driving a vehicle;
  • using the vehicle in any criminal activities
  • transfer the custody of the vehicle to a person who’s not mentions in the contract.

5.4 The Lessee bears limited liability for damage to the vehicle, partial or full loss of the vehicle within 30000 rubles in cases that are not specified in Articles: 5.1, 5.2, 5.3 of this Agreement.

5.5 in case of losing the vehicle’s documents, the lessee is to cover the expenses recovering the insurance and the registration within three working days from the date of returning the vehicle priced as following: OSAGO insurance -1500 rubles, license – 5000 rubles.

5.6 In case of damage, loss of components, or internal parts of the vehicle, the Lessee is obliged no later than 3 (three) working days from the date of returning the vehicle to cover their cost in the following amount: Ignition key — 10,000 rubles, Alarm key ring — 5,000 rubles, jack, tow hook, spare wheel and other components and / or elements of the vehicle interior at the cost of an authorized car dealer.

5.7 The Lessee is to pay any fines of traffic violation and committing or any other violation related to the use of the vehicle.

5.8 The Lessee undertakes to ensure compliance with the terms of this Agreement by persons authorized to operate the vehicle and takes the responsibility for their actions as his own.

5.9 In the case of smoking inside the vehicle, the Lessee is to pay for full dry-cleaning salon in the amount of 3500 rubles.


  1. Car Insurance.

6.1. The Lessor, on his own expense, provides insurance of the civil liability of the vehicle in accordance with the Federal Law dated April 25, 2002.

6.2 The OSAGO insurance policy applies to the Lessor and Lessee who has promoted to drive the vehicle under this Agreement.



  1. Other Conditions

7.1 This Agreement is signed in two copies having the same legal force, comes into force once they are signed and they are valid until the Parties fulfill all their obligations.

7.2 If the returning act under this agreement is not signed, it ends automatically with the next new Lessee of the vehicle.

  1. Addresses, Banking details and Signatures of the Parties



LLC «————«















____________________ /                             /




Date of birth:




Passport No:


Date of issue:


Expire date:





________________________ /                               /